2. The importance of cross-media convergence and synergy in production, distribution & marketing


Cross-media convergence

Convergence of media occurs when multiple products come together to form 1 product with the advantages of all of them.


The name given to the process whereby 2 or more media products are interlinked, for commercial or artistic purposes. Linked to the concept of franchises. For example, The Matrix franchise contains synergistic products including the films, the Animatrix DVD, the Enter the Matrix game and soundtrack CDs amongst others. Synergy is also linked to 360° marketing.

In another sense, synergy is created when companies are working together at a mutual benefit (of making a profit) but remaining separate.

Points that can be made:

Cross media convergence is important in production because when two major conglomerates come together, they will attract a mass audience because they are well known so more people are more likely to watch the film, thus it will be more likely to be successful.

Digital technology is enabling various media to converge in hubs, platforms and devices. For example, mobile phones these days are a lot more than simple hand held telephones. You can download and watch films on them, play music on them, take videos and photos, go online, use GPS and use a range of apps.

Cross media convergence and synergy will create more awareness for products of the film, such as selling merchandise might make people aware of a film that is coming out.

Case Studies – Application

*Case studies: A Field In England (Independent), Carol (Independent), How I Live Now (Independent), Frozen (Conglomerate) & Star Wars: Force Awakens (Conglomerate)

Walt Disney is a vertical integration company; they own Marvel, Pixar, MBC, ABC and Lucas Films. This helped the film industry because through production Disney and Lucas Films built a ‘global countdown’ buzz for Star Wars and this avoids piracy because everyone accesses the film at the same time so no country has seen it before anyone else.


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